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Are you seeking a trustworthy New Zealand casino review platform? If so, KiwiDads is your go-to choice. We have been reviewing casino sites since 2021, helping players find the best gambling options of all kinds. KiwiDads is a team of 25+ experts from all around the world with in-depth industry knowledge and irreplaceable expertise.

We are passionate about helping gamblers to open the world of safe and exciting online casinos, which is why millions of users so appreciate our project. At KiwiDads, when researching an online casino, we consider numerous criteria to pick the best-of-the-best gambling sites. Your safety and positive experience are pre-eminent to us.

☄️ Our Mission

We aim to be the No.1 New Zealand resource for all things gambling. Our mission is to help you pick an online casino that matches your needs and wishes. Although it requires great effort, we are ready to share our wide expertise and insights with you and arm you with independent knowledge about online gambling.

When researching online casinos, we are looking for the best online pokies, lucrative bonuses, and high payouts so that you can enjoy top-notch gambling sites. We tend to review as many online casinos as possible to find trustworthy and thrilling gambling websites that deliver complete freedom of choice. At KiwiDads, we are for safe gambling and a high-quality experience!

🧐 What Can You Find on KiwiDads

At KiwiDads, we tend to create a large New Zealand community of like-minded gamblers seeking trustworthy, true-to-life and accurate reviews of gambling sites. We don’t aim to encourage people to play more, but to share our valuable knowledge about gambling and help players make the right decisions when choosing online casinos.

Our key goal is to create a useful resource for both beginners and professional players striving to inform about the best gambling sites, boost skills and deliver a lot of fun. Our collection of casino reviews is broken into various categories for easy navigation so that you can quickly find something that matches your needs.

🎯 Our Values

🧠 In-Depth Knowledge
We are a team of 25+ experienced reviewers with comprehensive knowledge of testing online casinos. Our authors boast great experiences closely related to online gambling, which enable us to learn a lot about online casinos and how they work.
🛡️ Safe Gambling
We aim to identify as many safe online casinos as possible and eliminate red-flagged gambling sites. This is why we only recommend trustworthy and regulated online casinos with license licenses, SSL certificates, and eCOGRA approvals.
✔️ Vast Choice
We regularly update our list of casino reviews, so you will 100% find something you are looking for. Regardless of your interests, at KiwiDads, you can find all sorts of gambling, for example, crypto-casinos, immersive online slots with high RTP or advantageous progressive jackpots.

🔏 How We Can Guarantee Your Safety

Safety is of the utmost importance to our team, which is why we aim only to offer trustworthy online casinos. We strive to show you a contrast between good and low-grade online casinos, informing you a lot about what a safe gambling site should be like. All reviewed gambling sites hold valid licensed, 128-bit SSL certification and eCOGRA seal of approval, support reliable banking methods and work with trusted software providers.

We value our reputation very much and always do our best to satisfy the gamblers’ needs. So, if we recommend an online casino, then it fits the bill.

You can also find your pages on trusted gambling portals like:

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  • our partner websites and many others

Why Should You Trust Us

At KiwiDads, our main goal is to open the world of safe online casinos and provide you with a large selection of trustworthy gambling sites to choose from. Our rating system is rigorous and we thoroughly check every online casino to ensure 100% security and legality so that you can gamble safely. When reviewing a gambling website, we go through a long way, considering its license, safety measures, banking options, game providers, and many more.

At the moment, you already can discover over 100+ reviews of various online casinos thanks to our experienced experts and hardworking team. We tend to provide you with high-quality, accurate and trusted information, so you can easily make the right choice.

We’re also represented on trusted gambling portals like:

  • DMCA portal
  • GPWA
  • Problem Gambling Support Website and others

🗓️ Our History

The story of KiwiDads began in 2021. We started as a group of gambling enthusiasts, which grew into a team of true experts in the online casino industry over time.

We are really happy with the efficiency, attentiveness and motivation of our specialists. We can’t find the words to describe how resourceful and professional they are! That’s why KiwiDads skyrocketed so quickly from the very beginning.

Over time, we have developed a powerful online casino rating system. With each review, we enrich our experience and give people access to trustworthy and reliable information. With over 100+ reviews and dozens of partners, we strive to reach the top and make the best-of-the-best casino reviews for New Zealand punters to make the right decision and feel safe.

Our Team

Thanks to 35+ motivated editors, reviewers, authors, researchers, marketers, and other specialists, our project enjoys unprecedented success. It took a big leap of faith to build such a strong and efficient team, but now you can choose the safest gambling website among the hundreds. So, meet our team!
Our Author Angus Newdegate
Angus Newdegate
Head Author

Angus is our pearl gambling expert and head author who is passionate about online casinos and boasts in-depth knowledge of all things gambling. He has been studying gambling for 10+ years and he is still doing it with the same interest. Angus always keeps his eye out for the hottest gambling websites and researches them to the fullest.

Olivia Westwood KiwiDads Editor
Olivia Westwood

With a great experience in online gambling and 5+ years of work as a journalist, Olivia is our editor at KiwiDads. She is well-versed in everything related to gambling and is an expert in table games, especially online poker.

Charlotte Russel at KiwiDads
Charlotte Russell
Content Manager

We have been on cloud nine since we decided to work with Charlotte. She is our content manager and is a big cheese in gambling. Helping people find even more exciting and relevant information about online gambling is her top priority at KiwiDads.

Noah Wilson Our Editor At KiwiDads
Noah Wilson
Casino Reviewer

Noah is our in-house casino expert and gambling enthusiast with 8+ years of experience. This guy does his best and is always in the gambler’s shoes. Noah used to work as a freelancer and copywriter, as well as managed to receive great gambling experience, so his reviews are worth their weight in gold.

📧 How to Get In Touch

We’d love to hear from you whenever you have any questions, comments, or feedback. Write directly to our Chief Editor Angus Newdegate – at [email protected] or use our contact form.